Font style in Index Cards

Hello all,

this has probably been asked before but I seem to not be able to find an answer.

In Index Cards is it possible to change the font style, e.g. make text bold?

Let me explain:

I’m currently outlining The Novel, and I do this by creating empty chapters in the Draft section, filling out each Index Card with a summary of what should happen in the respective chapter. Now in each summary I would like to highlight certain words (e.g. the name of the character, “Murder”, etc.) so at one glance I can get an overview of what the chapter is about.

But it doesn’t seem to be possible to change the font style in Index Cards. The item in the Text menu is enabled but neither Command-B nor choosing the menu item changes the font style.

Is this intentional or might this be a bug?



This is indeed intentional. Index cards are a text-only field. If you need to emphasise words or phrases, I suggest you use text-only methods of doing so. CAPITALS and blocking are two easy ways of doing that.

Okay, thanks. I see.

Personally I find highlighting words with bold style (or a yellow background) more effective than using capitals.

Also I don’t exactly understand the reason why index cards should be text-only. And if they are, shouldn’t the style menu items be disabled (I know, that’s just nitpicking, but nonetheless)?


I think the style menu thing is just one of those OS quirks. That menu seems to ride along in a lot of applications that should have nothing to do with rich text; let alone spots inside of applications that are not rich text.

If you are not using labels or status for characters, you might consider doing so. It is a very visual way of highlighting what a scene is about, especially with icon tinting on.

I already use labels for characters, and I agree that they are tremendously helpful.

Thanks for your help, Amber. I think I will do my highlighting with capitals.