Font Tip

I still have a great deal of ideas that I am trying to collect in a way that will be cohesive and understandable. To do this I am working on different sections here, there, all over really. I like placing an Apple Color Emoji checkmark or other symbol at the beginning of the Scrivener text name in the Binder.

When I want to focus on all the work like this that I have been working on, I can simply paste one of the characters into the binder search field and, voila, I have all the notes I am working on in one place.

I started using Apple Color Emoji Fonts after getting a license for popchar. You don’t need popchar to see the many options that are in most fonts using the option or command keys with a key on the keyboard. Many of its characters are fully colored text which, surprisingly meant, that I can now add colored tidbits to otherwise plain text areas such as BusyCal events, and Scrivener notes.

I use a small blue diamond for notes that I am working on. Searching in the Binder using this character has been very useful in my work.

This forum does not allow me to show one of these as it says that I am using an unsupported character. But, it is there. Showing a screenshot of my draft of this post using NVAlt.

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 1.21.31 PM.jpg

Thanks for sharing.

I imagine that most people use Scrivener’s label colours to do this, but nice to see other ideas.

Slàinte mhòr.