Fonts 1/3 too big on pdf compile

So, here’s a weird bug for the greybeards and (Graybyrds :wink:) on this forum…

When I compile to pdf, the text appears in a font which is 1/3 bigger than expected (the typeface is as specified). So if I specify Liberation Sans 12pt, in pdf I get Liberation Sans 16pt. If I specify 9pt, I get 12pt in pdf; if I specify 10pt, I get 13.5pt; and yes, if I specify 24pt, I get 32pt.

This seems to be a problem with the pdf converter (or the way instructions are passed to the converter) and not with the compiler itself. The issue is only with pdf; if I compile the exact same document with the exact same compile settings to .rtf, then the font size comes out as expected. And it occurs whichever method I use to specify the font size: a) selecting ‘override text formatting’ in the compiler and specifying it there; b) selecting ‘as is’ in the compiler and using the font size in the document c) unselecting ‘override text formatting’ and using the font size in the document.

Is this a ‘feature’ which I have mistakenly enabled deep in Scrivener’s unmentionables, and can disable again?

Is this a reproducible bug? Is this my system (Ubuntu 15.04)? Is this just me? Is this a message from the formatting gods that .pdf is a horrible format and should be cast out of polite society?

Did you figure this out? I have the same issue.

Sorry I didn’t catch this way back when it was originally posted.

Do I have a clue why the font sizes are enlarged when compiling to PDF? No… sorry. And I’ve not tested it lately, so I’ll assume it’s still a problem. I’d suggest that a workable work-around (forgive that turn of phrase, pse) would be to compile to RTF, and then use the filter of your choice (outside of Scriv for Linux) to convert the RTF product to PDF. For example, I’ve found that LibreOffice (I’m using Version 5.1) works very well for converting an RTF file to PDF. It even has a convenient menu choice for that process under the “File” menu.

Hope this maybe helps?

Compiling for RTF corrects this issue of the fonts being too large.

This is the only compile solution which solved the problem on my setup (Linux Mint 18/Ubuntu 16.04). The size issue was happening for compile for print, preview and PDF.

It works while using one of the “canned formats” (e.g. Standard Manuscript Format) or a customized one.

Thank you Graybyrd! :smiley: