Fonts: again.

I have a question about fonts upload.

I have a font with stylistic variations: xxx.otf; xxxbold.otf, xxxitalic.otf, xxxsemibold.otf, etc. I have uploaded all the variants but it seems that none of the variants are recognized by the app.

If I want to apply italics for instance I do not see the xxxitalic.otf but only the xxx.otf. On the contrary on the desktop I can apply the variant but the text in the iOs app is not rendered.

So it seems to me unecessary to upload the font variants. Is this the case?

I hope my question is clear.


You will need all variants, yes. Where are you placing them? Inside the /Fonts folder inside the Dropbox sync folder?

All the best,

Thank you Keith.

I have the fonts stored in the right location (Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener/Fonts/). In this folder I have few fonts (GaramondPremrPro.otf; GaramondPremrPro-It.otf; etc.). And now I can see in the iOs app text where I can choose the variant italic in the Garamond Family: it is hidden behind the little (i)!!! (Strange)!!!

Now if I apply the variant to a portion of text in the iOs app it stays correctly in the desktop file: Garamond Premiere Pro italic in iOs -> Garamond Premiere Pro italic in desktop. As soon as I go back, after few changes even of one letter (without changing the styled text!), the formatted text transforms itself in Helvetica italic (and this transformations remains If I go back to the desktop file)! Is this an issue with the font? A general issue?

PS A related question: may I delete the folder Fonts once the inside fonts are uploaded to the iOs App? Or I should keep it forever on Dropbox?

PPS. I have done some experiment and it seems that the fonts Didot and Baskerville have not issue: they remain intact in different variants in both iOs and Desktop.

PPPS: more experiments. It seems that the issue is with the font Garamond Premiere Pro Italic and Bold (and not with Italic caption: strange). Now another question: how do I remove this font from the list of fonts?