Fonts and Colors Toggle

I’m new to Scrivener and am finding it VERY useful and looking forward to future developments.

This is a small thing but would be helpful. I have icons for both ‘Fonts’ and ‘Colors’ on my Toolbar - but neither of them will toggle OFF their respective commands. i.e. If I click on ‘Fonts’ the basic Fonts window comes up but clicking on the icon again to make it go away doesn’t work so I either have to click the close button or use ‘Command-T’. Same with Colors. It would be great if the Icons would toggle both ways - other wise there’s not much reason to use them - but I’d like to.


There is no concept of “off” in a rich text file. Base text colour is not something that the OS X text editor has a concept of. When you change the colour of text, that new colour is just as base (in the “mind” of the editor) as black was.

I think pastorj is not trying to, e.g., uncolor the text, but just wishing that the buttons on the toolbar would toggle the palette windows open and closed.


Yes, I just wish I could toggle the WINDOWs for Fonts and Colors on and off from the button/icon rather than having 2 different actions required. Thanks for helping me clarify that.

Sounds reasonable. :slight_smile: Added to the list.

Thanks for adding it to the list!

Just a quick update on this: I just realised the fonts and colours toolbar items aren’t programmed by me at all - they are provided by the Cocoa frameworks. So, this won’t change for 1.02, mainly because there is a very good possibility that this behaviour has been fixed by Apple in a future, spotty version of the operating system. :wink: