Fonts and Formats

In trying to set up Scrivener to accommodate my less than optimal vision, I wanted to set the editor window font to Consoles 14 pt bold, and then to satisfy most if not many publishing sources, compile or print in Courier New 12 pt.

Can I do this, first of all? Secondly, if I get everything set up, can I then save those settings and import them any time I want to replicate them for another project?

It seems that especially the bold is a bit temperamental to set as a default. Is this true or am I not doing it correctly?

Chuck Billow

First, know that you can change the zoom level for the editing window. I use 175%.

Second, yes, the font and format that you use for editing can be completely different from the compile font and format. Choose File/Compile and check out the Formatting panel. It takes some getting used to.

That’s cool. Thanks.


Best thing you can do is to start with the Help > Interactive Tutorial

It will give you the basics of how to interact with Scrivener.

Good luck.

I’m trying…but I always end up jumping ahead of myself.

The Interactive Tutorial is short, and for me, it was really helpful.

The most important idea behind Scrivener, that was really hard for me when I started with it, was that Scrivener is NOT a text editor like Word.

Formatting, page layout and all the rest is done when you compile. What you have in the Editor of Scrivener is a bare text which allows you to rearrange it any way you like even after you finished writing it.

What was also hard for me, was to recognize that I can have really small pieces of text and focus work on them - like a paragraph small. For me, this is the true power of Scrivener: small pieces of text that I can view in whatever order I want in the scrivenings mode.


Yes, I just have to calm down a bit and not expect to be a Master at this in a day or two – now, perhaps a week? :slight_smile:

It is Scrivener’s flexibility that is simultaneously the strength and the challenge of the program. One thing at a time…


Can someone please tell me how to find page layout. The tutorial video says click on view, then page layout is supposed to show up in the dropdown menu. When I click on view, there’s no “page layout” in my dropdown menu.

This is Mac only option. At least for the stable version of Scrivener for Windows.

In Scrivener for Windows Beta you can find it under View > Text Editing > Page View