Fonts changing with bullet points


I’ve set up character description templates. They consist of headings in bold, blue colour, justified left, with bullet points indented below.

My problem is, every time I try to use them, the font, size, colour, or font style changes.

I’m using the optima font across the template, but lucida grande seems to appear after every bullet and i can’t get rid of it.

Additionally, no matter how many times I change the settings and save them, I am getting an inconsistent font each time I try, with the font size being increased, the font being put in bold, or the colour changing to match the heading colour, despite the saved template having the ready to go bullet point being set to my preference and saved.

Also, when i saved and shut down last night, I had manually changed everything to look the way i want it. When I opened it up this morning, everything was a jumble of these different formatting issues.

Anu suggestions as to how I can make this work as I want it?

many thanks!