Fonts changing

I’ve just installed Scrivener, copied my manuscript over into Dropbox and synced. Everything’s working great!

But… :wink:

…I have noticed one tiny issue. When I open Scrivener in windows and do a sync, any files that I edited on iOS appear in a different font. I didn’t make any font changes on iOS, just added a couple of words (I was testing). I suspect it might be because I use Calibri on Windows (and not a font that’s on iOS). Still, it would be nice if it didn’t change the font unless I specified it. Unless I’ve missed a setting somewhere?

If it is a bug, it’s a very tiny one. Just mentioning it for completeness. :slight_smile:

There is a section in the tutorial that explains how to import fonts. I didn’t fully grasp how to do it yet, but it’s worth a look for starters.

Ah, that appears to have fixed it!
Thank you. I’m not sure how I missed that in the tutorial. :slight_smile:

A note on importing fonts: If you are syncing Scrivener for iOS to a folder in which your .scriv documents are contained in subfolders, adding fonts to a /Fonts subdirectory does not seem to work. However, if you select the font files in Dropbox for iOS and choose Export > Open In… > Scrivener, Scrivener for iOS will import the fonts and they will be made available for all files.

I have just created a Knowledge Base article about issues with fonts and how to resolve them here: … -platforms

Thanks and all the best,