Fonts & Colors preference

I can see how to set the default background color for texts; but I don’t see how to set the default font color. Is there a way to do this? I prefer white text on a grey background to help with eye strain. For the moment I am just doing this manually for each new text document. It’s certainly not difficult to do; but I’m wondering if there is a way to set this.

(1) Create an empty document. Type some text. Set the font and the size.
(2) Highlight the text
(4) Set THe Color you want as a default. Highlight the text.
(5) Go under TEXT - FONTS - STYLES
(6) Check DOCUMENT STYLES (radio button) then Select ADD TO FAVORITES.

Now you need to make a choice. If you want this DEFAULT STYLE then Name the Style


If you want it named something else (ie. Blue Font) then Name it accordingly.

Now if you named it other than Default then select whatever text you want changed and Go under TEXT - FONTS - STYLES click the Favorite styles Radio button and then from the pull down select your custom style (ie. Blue Font) then click apply.

If you want everything your custom style and you named it Default (see above)
then you can select a document in the binder and then go under

and that will convert the whole document to the style you named


Another way is to create an empty document. Type some text. Highlight the text and then change its color, etc. After you apply that delete the text and use that blank document as a “template” for other documents by right clicking (control +click for one button mouse) and selecting DUPLICATE.

Hope that helps?

Actually you can change the default font colour! I never realised this before, but just tried it and it works. Go to the Text Editing section of Preferences, and click in the text area. You won’t get a cursor. Then press Cmd-Shift-C to open the colour panel and choose the shade of grey you prefer. In the preferences window, you’ll only ever see a white background, so you might have to experiment a bit (or know the shade before-hand). From that point on, all new documents will use that colour for text. To reset older documents, use the Convert to default formatting command in the Documents/Convert menu.

Thank you Wock and Av for your suggestions. Av’s trick of changing the color of the sample text in the Text Editing panel of preferences works perfectly. I’m glad I asked. Scrivener is such a well thought out program that I had a hunch that there would be a way.