Fonts, defaults and consolidation

  1. I’d like the ability to have a font change globally. I know I can change the fonts in the preferences but apparently it doesn’t change the pages that are existing items. If I select them all in outline mode they don’t change either.
  2. I’ll just a recommendation that the two font configuration items in preferences > text editing be moved to preferences > fonts & colors.

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  1. See section II.8 of the FAQ. The latter portion of the answer explains how to adjust large portions of the draft at once, if you’ve changed your mind about the font setting half way through.

As AmberV points out, the FAQ answers your first question.

And I would love to know how anything else can possibly be fitted into the Fonts & Colors pane (imagine a 12" screen). :slight_smile: They make sense where they are, I think.


ah, thank you. I’ll also add (in case some one else is looking for this) that the FAQ is easily found by going to Help inside of Scrivener and clicking the Online FAQ link which brings you back to the forums.

You would have to fold time and space to fit any more options on that pane! And I agree, they make sense where they are to me. If Scrivener were a plain text editor, then it would make sense to have it in a section more devoted to appearances, but since the font settings for documents set up RTF files which become independently styled from that point on, it doesn’t make sense to put it in a place devoted to transient appearance changes. It would only lend more confusion to why changing the setting doesn’t immediately change the entire project.