Fonts, paragraph format and ZOOM

Hi, I am fairly brand new to Scrivener but enjoying what it does well …
Am I missing something, or is there no zoom functionality? ie winding up the screen magnification so tired old eyes can see what they are looking at! Also, is there an easy way to globally change the font and size of text in the editor (I know this can be changed on compile, but there are many miles to travel before then …). Another issue is that Scrivener doesn’t seem to remember my paragraph settings - to the right of the font name and size I have a drop-down box that remembers four standard formats plus the one I am using for most of my text, but every time I want to indent a block of quoted text I have to set up the format box from scratch. Thanks in advance - if these things can’t be done, could I put them on the wish list for future versions?

At the bottom left of the editor, in the bar just under it, there is a box with 100% (or 135%, or whatever) and an up and down arrow. Click the box and you can choose the magnification size. Or, if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, there is a default Windows function that allows you to change mag size in almost any program by holding Ctrl and scrolling the wheel. Scroll up to increase mag, down to decrease.

For changing default fonts, click the Otions menu under Tools or hit F12. Click Editor on the left of the window that pops up. Then, click the italicized, blue “A” above the sample text and ruler. This will let you pick the default formatting and font type for new documents. The sample box under the ruler will show you exactly how your text will look, and the ruler itself lets you adjust default indents. Hit apply and ok when you’re satisfied, and the next document you open should look the way you want.

Thank you Sanguinius! Too easy … :smiley: