I’m currently testing out Scrivener and I’m a bit confused. I like to type and read using Times Roman as a font. Every time I start a new section I’m presented with Courier. I can find no obvious way of saying I want to use Times Roman across everything in my document. I’m probably missing something really simple but I’ve searched the manual and simply can’t find anything. It’s not a huge problem - just annoying. Is there a simple solution?

Yup. Tools > Options > Editor. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to hit apply. It’s also a good idea to save your preferences in a file that you can reload, because sometimes updates can wipe them out.

Yup – I posed a similar question about defaults in another post. I checked options, editor and did not find anything about setting a specific font as the default, not about retrospectively setting a default for an existing project which contains a variety of fonts and formats. Thanks.

To change all your other documents to match your new defaults, select them all in the binder (you may have to use View->Outline->Expand All first), and then use Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style. Also handy if you keep tweaking your defaults.

Thank you for that. The “Tools>Options>Editor” seems to have done the trick - although the blue letter A didn’t convey “font” to me at all :frowning:

On the other hand…“Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style” might have worked but the “Formatting to Default Text Style” was greyed out and, therefore, unusable :question:

‘Save your preferences in a file you can reload’ - how? where? in Scrivener itself or just for the record in e.g. Evernote?

If you go to Tools/Options, at the bottom of the box is a small label with Manage on it. You can save your preferences and re load them there.

Thank you. That is useful to know.

Yeah, and you’ll be able to load it between Linux and Windows, for what it’s worth. :slight_smile:

I am using a mac and I can’t see a “Tools” menu in the menu bar. I have the same problem, that I want to change the default font, this time to arial.

You have to select the documents in the binder which you want converted first. Then the menu item will be selectable.

On the Mac, use Scrivener->Preferences->Editor.

I’m really surprised this isn’t in the manual - and, perhaps, even more surprised that the process isn’t the same on Mac and Windows versions (I’ve just done the Mac one as well).

All of the preference/options panes are documented in the appendix of the manual, and I see that this section (B.8 in the Mac manual) is cross-referenced close a couple dozen times throughout the rest of the manual. I could probably use a few more, however. :wink:

Resetting formatting is discussed in §15.4.5 (pg. 213).

On differences between platforms: We do try to keep things consistent when we can. In this case, the menu itself doesn’t exist on Windows. There is no global application menu, so Scrivener/Preferences is impossible. Also Windows folk rarely refer to settings as “preferences”. Spreading the Scrivener menu stuff between a new Tools menu and the Help menu seemed the best approach. The actual pane is different because there are not enough options in the Editor tab to merit breaking out the Formatting stuff, yet.

Let me rephrase what I said. I cannot find any way of setting a font for the whole document by looking for ‘font’ or ‘fonts’ in the manual. My assumption would be that would be the obvious thing to look for. Alternatively, I’d look for ‘settings’. I’d never think about searching for ‘preferences’. :smiley:

Okay, fonts are spoken of too many times to really make it a useful search anchor, I can’t think of a way of making a result for that word more illuminating on this topic—the word is used hundreds of times. I would suggest searching for “default font” or “default formatting” in the future.

Making this setting easier to discover is something we’ve given some thought on, but thus far an elegant approach hasn’t yet surfaced. Sure there are things like pushing buttons on toolbars and so forth, but that’s kind of ugly and in your face for something a large percentage of folks won’t even use, and even fewer will use more than once or twice.

I am using scrivener aug 14 version
I am using w7 updated.

the window in which I desire to define the font is found immediately to the right of the Binder.
It is the window in which one can chose to view the documents in the Binder in outline view,
cork view or scrivener view.

I am writing in the above window with scrivener turned off. Thus I am not in outline view, not in cork view, but in some unnamed view.

the page I am writing on corresponds only to the document that is highlighted in the Binder.

Someone in the forums suggested I go to tools -> options -> editor to change the font. When I go there, the options do not allow me to change the font (from courier to times or some other font) as there is no such option (as far as I can see). I can change font attributes such as size, bold, etc but not font (ie: Times)

If i go to tools -> options -> appearance and then go to the box that has a collection of fonts, I can click on a drop down list box that contains fonts but there does not appear to be a font for “document”. there are fonts for document notes and other parts of scrivener…but not for “document”. Maybe I don’t understand what that window is holding. Maybe it is not a document.

Other people also mentioned using the compile function as a means to change the font. I do not understand why I would do that at this stage. I am not trying to create a finished document in which I might want to define the text. I am only writing in a subdocument which will be revised and revised…

Please help. I definitely wish to use scrivener to capture and organize my creative thinking. I like the two page approach in which I essentially have an outline in the binder, but extremely easy access to the actual text that will fill out the outlined topic. I just need to get through this transition period moving from Word to Scrivener.

Thank you.

To change your default font for the editor (the window you’re describing), go to the Editor tab of Tools > Options… and click the blue A button on the left of the format bar to open the font options. You can change the other formatting here too, as you saw, so indentation, spacing, etc. Click OK to apply the changes and close the Options. Your new defaults will apply to all new documents you create (in any project); to change existing documents to match, select them in the binder (Ctrl- or Shift-click to select multiple) and then choose Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.


Your explanation was wonderful. Clear. I failed to experiment enough to discover what the Blue A stood for.

Thank you for your clear explanation.