Hi there,

I’m looking to move from a competing product and it supports ‘System Font’ which I happen to like. However I don’t see this option in the list of fonts supported. Please advise if/how I can use this font?

Many thanks.

I am assuming by system font, you are talking about either “Lucida Grande” or in later macos “San Fransisco” font?

If you mean San Fransisco, Apple deliberately removes that from the font selection menus and palette; as far as I understand it they do not licence it for broad use.[size=80][1][/size] It is possible for software to select it manually, as you’ve seen, and where appopriate we do provide access as well. For example if you go to the Appearance: Binder: Fonts preference pane and click on the Binder font setting, you’ll see them at the bottom of the font palette.

[size=80][1] Some software may get around that condition by not actually formatting text with the font, but merely displaying it. A plain-text editor can get away with that, for instance.[/size]

You can download Apple San Francisco here.