Foolish font/preferences question

I’m having trouble changing ALL fonts throughout my existing Scriv project to match each other. I accidentally set things (in preferences) at Lucida Grande and then realized that I needed Sans because Grande has no italic - so I tried to switch back and now things are a bizarre mishmash. (For some reason, when I open a new document and begin typing, it chooses to do it in all caps and with a bizarrely huge right margin; if I then select “default style” it goes back to normal, but…shouldn’t the default be, well, the default?)

I have tried changing prefs back to the default settings (Optima etc) and applying them, but all preexisting document bits are still in varied fonts. (Also, the Binder is doing something weird: whenever I select the draft, then change the font, it goes all non-bold, but then as soon as I click in the text editing area, the Binder goes all bolded. This is not bothering, but it is odd, and I thought it might be related in some way.)

How can I make the entire document have ALL the same font? This must be something highly obvious, but I canNOT make it happen!


Please see the FAQ, this matter of preferences not magically changing every document you’ve already created is addressed there. Also, it sounds like you might be in script mode. Check at the bottom of the editor area. Do you see a little menu with various scripting elements in it?

Thanks Amber - I did have to click on each separate document and do the convert formatting thing (I thought it might work if I just clicked on the “Draft” folder, but it didn’t.) Sorry I missed it in the FAQ. (And no, not in script mode - maybe I did some weird preference to make the binder bold itself - I have no idea! :laughing: ) Thanks again.