I am new to this software and I know from searching that a lot has been written on the subject of foot/endnotes but I am having trouble understanding them. In a MSWord document you select insert footnote, a number appears, and you revert to the end of the page to type and format the note. I understand that this is not the same.

As I understand it the footnote in scrivener stays in the body of the document but is distinguished from the surrounding text by a red marker/grey shading. My problem is how can I see how this will look when printed?

I have tried Preview and I have tried Compile but the footnote still stays within the body of the document. Clearly I am doing something wrong! :frowning:

I have realised that I have been putting the comment/footnote in the wrong place :open_mouth:

Can I past into the footnote box? I want to include references to a website in the footnote but I don’t seem to be able to paste the text into the footnote box.

Pasted it! Used the edit and paste match style :smiley:

In fact both the inline and sidebar footnotes are essentially identical. They are just both provided as alternatives one can use based on their preference, and in some cases it may be easier to use one over the other. But either way, Scrivener isn’t about showing you what a footnote looks like on a piece of paper, it’s more about making footnotes easy and accessible to use as an author. End of page/book placement is good for reading, not as much for writing.

As an author I am also keen on knowing what the end product might look like :wink:

Then you would need to use a publishing program or hybrid (like Word) to finish off the book and make sure everything looks right. This program is more about getting the content put together as well as making sure research material stays handy and connected with the text. For page layout and design matters, there are other programs that work much better.

Thank you and I already use a publishing programme. I am not new to writing just to Scrivener and I am simply exploring its capabilities.