Footer Bar

Hello there!

I love Scapple a lot. A default setting irritates me slightly, considering the philosophy of the program, though: there’s always this footer bar showing up in new documents. Did I miss the way to disable the footer bar completely? It’s always the first thing I turn off in new documents because it’s a bit distracting (the zoom works perfectly with the trackpad and the note count, while interesting sometimes, usually does not improve the jotting down process).

Other than that, I’d like to say thank you for a fantastic app that’s apparently feeling very comfortable in my dock between the Scrivener and the lexicon icons! :slight_smile:

Kind regards!

Glad you like it so far!

Remember there’s a quick way to turn off the footer bar: cmd-/. There’s no way to turn it off automatically for new documents, though. I might consider that for a preference.

All the best,

I know there are shortcuts, but … let’s say it’s not the same as having a clean document window immediately. The shortcut always feels like having to quickly blow some dust from a piece of paper – works quickly, but a clean one feels better. :unamused: :slight_smile:

I’d love to have this preference. Other programs, take the Finder as an example, simply remember the setting each time you change it in the view menu. Maybe that’d be an uncluttered way of implementing it?

The trouble with that approach is that we would undoubtedly get users emailing us wondering where the footer bar has gone…

You are certainly much more experienced in this than I, but wouldn’t this behaviour be standard under OS X, and thus, familiar to users? Applications like Safari and iTunes (admittedly not really document based anymore in the latest version) and the above mentioned Finder spontaneously come to my mind right now.

+1 for a preference option to start a new Scapple doc without the footer showing.

I understand why you probably want the footer showing as the default (for people new to the program it is helpful to see that zoom option at the bottom). But for slightly more experienced users starting off with a “clean sheet” (via Prefs) would be very welcome.