Footer (Compile)

With one exception, I’ve got the Compile settings just as I want them - and that’s the footer (UK manuscripts usually just have the page number, centred, down here). There seems to be zero positional control over the footers (and headers), and they end up annoying close to the main text. Is there a way of either increasing (or indeed specifying) the space between footer and the text, or at the very least inserting a carriage return into the footer to push the page number down a bit?

Many thanks!

The placement of the header and footer is determined in most cases by the converters used, so you’ll in fact get slightly different appearances depending on which converter you choose for a format in Options. PDF via “Scrivener” will have the footer and header placed a bit closer to the text than PDF via “Microsoft Word”, and it’s just down to how the tool handles it.

For more control over it, I’d suggest compiling to RTF and then opening in another word processor like Word, where you should be able to toy with the margin and header/footer settings to get the spacing you want. From there you can export to PDF if needed.