Footer is invisible

I just installed the new update, and I followed Lee’s instructions to make my header and footer show up in my existing project. My header showed up just fine, but my footer wouldn’t, and I’ve repeatedly tried to make it show up through View->Layout.

In the horizontal editor split view, I went through the View->Layout path, and my footer will show up, but only in the upper pane. Switching between the two doesn’t help, and I’m unable to duplicate the result in the vertical splitter. Also, the footer disappears once the editor’s back to the original, single pane. Switching back to the horizontal split, the footer is still visible on the upper pane.

The header/footer apply per editor, so as you suspected you need to set it for each split. Make sure you have the focus in the editor before you select the menu item, and also make sure that your project window is above the Windows task bar–sometimes the footer and so forth can get hidden beneath that.

When you go from a split to a single editor, the single editor will display the settings from the split you kept open. So if you’re maximizing the split that doesn’t have the footer, then there won’t be a footer in the single-editor view. Splits remember their settings, though, so when you return to a split view the other editor still has its footer.

Oddly enough, the situation seems to have resolved itself. I messed around with the editors again some more, but that didn’t seem to affect the footer at all. However, I opened an existing file while the one I was originally messing with was open, and when I enabled the header and footer, the footer showed up fine. I switched to the original project, and the footer was displaying fine there as well. Sorry I can’t say exactly what happened, but I thought it was an odd occurrence and that you should be informed.