Footer Problem

Hi I am trying to create a Bible Class Workbook in Scrivener. Two things I need to be able to do.

Create a Table of Contents that would allow someone to click on the lesson title link and go to that lesson for the Kindle version.
I am trying to do Headers like I have done in my Pages versions of my books. No header until I get to the Intro material in other words the Table of Content page, Title Page and outline page there would be no header.
Odd number page header would be like this Books of 1 & 2 Kings to the left and page number on far right.
Even number page would have page number on left and my name on the far right.

Any ideas and help with this appreciated.
When I compile the PDF version so I can then run it through the booklet program to make the booklets how can I send the cover page as well.
To see some of my current workbooks to see what I am trying to do go to and choose Bible Class books should be one there on 1 & 2 Samuel you can see. I want to eventual bring those in and create Kindle and iBook versions.

When you compile to Kindle format, a table of contents is created with an entry for each item that has been assigned section break (either automatically, based on the structure of your compiled documents, or manually via the “Page Break Before” option). This contents list is clickable, so when readers click on an entry (in your case, on a lesson title link), they will be taken to the relevant section of your book (the corresponding lesson). See section 23.10.3 of the User Manual (Mac version) for more details.

I am not entirely sure what you mean about including headers in the Kindle version. As far as I know, books in Kindle format don’t have headers, and especially not headers corresponding to left-hand and right-hand pages, because the format is basically a long stream of text with no concept of pages. The user controls the size of the text, and chooses whether it is presented in portrait or landscape mode, so you can’t really predict what will appear on any one screenful of text. All the books on my Kindle follow this format – only the text appears on the page, with a “progress bar” at the bottom of the screen to show your position in the book.

You can, however, add a cover image to your Kindle book. The image should be in a format such as PNG, and must be in the binder of your project. You can then specify during the Compile process that it is to be used as a cover image. More details can be found in section 23.7 of the User Manual (Mac version).

You also mention a PDF version, but I am unsure how your questions relate to it. Are you planning to publish a PDF version in parallel with the Kindle version?

I hope this helps.