Footer view : How to display statistics?

Hey everyone,

I did recently start a new Scrivener-document and did already set up a special structure but - in contrast to tutorial.scriv - my footer view does just show the font’s size in percentage and not the rather important thing for me : The word and character count.

I tried to figure this out by myself but am stuck here - do I need a special kind of formating to get the word and character count reflected on each of my documents or is there a switch missin somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any helpful hint and best regards,


Try going to Text > Mode > General Text. It may be that you have set it to a script writing mode by accident.


thanks for the fast response, your hint exactly did it, great!

Keep up the great work and support!


Phew - glad that was the problem. :slight_smile: No problem.
All the best,