Footer view

Hey all,

I’m using the beta version of Scrivener for Windows, and the footer toolbar isn’t showing on the project I created. It’s definitely there on the tutorial, though.

I tried switching into screenwriting mode, which didn’t change anything, but when I pressed CTRL+SHIFT+M, the options menu (Scene Heading, Action, Character, etc.) popped up. I also tried View --> Layout --> Show Footer View, like the FAQs instructed, but there isn’t a “Show Footer View” option. (The options I do have are: Hide Binder, Hide Inspector, No Split, Split Horizontally, Split Vertically, Swap Editors, Hide Toolbar, Hide Format Bar, and Hide Ruler, in that order.) There isn’t a “Show Footer View” in the tutorial, either.

Does anybody know what’s going on here?


Becca M.

Hi Becca,

My first guess is that the footer is there, just hiding under your task bar. Try hitting the “maximize” button in the top right of the window or selecting the edge and dragging to resize the project window and then move it up a little. There’s a little bug now where new projects are always created with their windows too large, basically taking up your entire screen and so with the bottom part under the Windows task bar. Lee’s got this on the list to fix, but meanwhile just letting Windows resize it to maximum or resizing it yourself will fix it.

That worked great. Thanks!

Has this bug been fixed in Version 1.5.3? I’m trying to create a new project, and it creates a window too big for the screen if I create a NEW BLANK, but not if I create a new Non-Fiction.

iS THIS REALY a BUG or just a bad setting in a template?

Is there a way to get a new template, or edit this one?


Window size is saved as part of the template; blank projects are the basic starting point and not from a template, and these begin maximized to your desktop space. It should be truly maximized, though, meaning that it shouldn’t be under your taskbar or the wrong size for your screen, since this is just the standard Windows “maximize” feature.

You can create a new template from any project by using File > Save As Template, so you can always create a new project, adjust the window size and other settings to your liking (for instance, set up the View > Use Label Color In options, create any keywords or labels or status that you always use, etc.) and then save it as a template for future projects. In the New Project window you can even then select that project template and choose “Set Selected Template as Defaut” from the Options button menu, so that it will always be selected when you go to create a new project, saving time navigating through the various categories.

Nope, my blank project opens maximized, and if I click the maximize/resize button in the upper right, I can move it and resize the left-right. But the lower edge is below the taskbar, and if I try to pull the top up to try and grab the bottom, it will re-maximize the window.

Everything else seems logical but i can’t get that far to create a new template.