Footer wordcount to reflect 1 document in multiple selection

Is it possible to show the word count for the document in the editor which has the current focus, and not have it sum up all the words in all the documents loaded into a scrivenings session? I’m working on some writing exercises, where I want to see the results of previous attempts above what I’m currently working on, but I don’t want to count all the words as part of my current document’s word count goal.

Sorry, not possible. The word counter just counts whatever is in the editor pane.

Have you tried the split view? That way you could have the current document in one pane, and the previous version(s) in the other.


I would have thought that the footer could be linked to the selected document in the same way that the inspector is, but with word/character counts and targets. But I’ll take your word for it. Oh well. I occasionally find the sum-total word counts useful, but not very often.

What I’ve settled on is to use the outliner with word & character counts, target & target type columns showing; one editor is locked to a series of character exercises (multiple documents per character) in outliner mode with those columns showing. The other editor is locked to that same group of documents, but is set to scrivenings mode. I use the “open in other editor” function in the outliner’s footer bar to quickly jump to any given document in the other editor. It works pretty well, but requires that I occupy both editors this way.

So you basically have a Scrivenings session and you want to see a word count for only one section within it? You can use the Opt-Cmd-A shortcut to select the current scope, the section, which would give you the blue count in the footer bar. It does mess up your current cursor position, that is the only drawback. Incidentally that trick is also nice for navigating to the top or bottom of the current section in a Scrivenings session, if you follow it up with a left or right arrow, respectively.

I hadn’t known you could select all of just the current document in a Scrivenings session. That might be handy. By the way, I can’t find where to turn on notifications when I reach a word/character count goal; is that a feature for individual documents, or just for the Project Targets window?

I thought of another way: if you press Cmd-4 you’ll isolate the current text in the editor, leaving the session. There you can get your word count, even do some specific editing in the section, and when you press Cmd-[ to go Back, you’ll be right where you left off (though if you edited prior to the cursor position, it will drift by the total character offset, but you should still be in the same region in most cases).