footnote box formatting

Hi all,

I am using Inspector Footnotes, and am trying to minimise as much as possible the formatting of the footnote box in my text.

I have found directions to change the background to white and remove the hyperlink, but can’t find any way to change the colour/thickness of the grey box which surrounds the “highlighted” word or section for the footnote.

I’d like to remove it entirely from view, or at least try and make it less intrusive.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Can’t you just use the last character of the word as the target for the footnote? A one-character wide light grey box with a white background isn’t that intrusive, at least to my eyes.



Thanks David, but yes I do find the grey outline to be far too intrusive, which is why I feel compelled to remove it if I can. I would prefer something more discrete, such as simply the word or character in a particular modifiable colour.

Is there anyone out there who may know how to modify the appearance of the grey box?



This is not modifiable, sorry.

All the best,

Thanks Keith.
If it ever becomes possible let me know.