Footnote/comment anchor when double spaced

I wanted to raise the fact that the outline and highlighting of footnote and comment anchors, when using double spacing do not line up. See below for example:


As you can see, the highlight of the anchor stretch the entire span of the double spacing, while the outline only goes to the bottom. This isn’t a huge deal, but I do find the visual mismatch is highly distracting when I write. It would nice if Scrivener did a better job of handling this when using double spacing - I might be in the minority, but I exclusively write double-spaced, and have no interest to switching to single. This formatting makes double-spacing look just like an afterthought.

This is appears to be part and parcel of the outlining feature, as text is also weirdly not centered when using in-line annotations.


In scrivener 1, this was handled by having the outline and highlighting only span the height of the text - in an ideal word, I’d love to see a return to this, as I find the look much cleaner. As it is, I have completely stopped using in-line annotations because of just how bad it looks when double spaced. I realize that part of the point is that if you have multiline line comments it bubbles around the entire text. But because so many of my comments are only one line long, I find the look to be too distracting to use, and would much prefer it looked as in Scrivener 1 when double spaced.

I am aware that you can hide footnote anchors through settings, which for the most part I do - they appear to be present by default when using scrivnenings mode, however, so it is impossible to do without them completely.

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