Footnote/Comment error

Hello all,

Forgive me for being a little panicky. I’m 90% of the way through writing a novel that is heavily dependent on Footnotes. I just switched devices, and have received an error about comments. I have restarted windows, but get the same error. The proposed solution to the error is to strip the formatting/cut and paste. Have I genuinely lost my PhD? Any suggestions?

Hi Rachel. Welcome to the forum.

Can you please provide more details ?

What error message exactly ? (Can you re-compile or redo what you do that triggers it and note down what precisely it says?)

And what do comments have to do with footnotes in your case ?

The more info you may provide the better.

→ No, I don’t think you would have lost anything. Worst case scenario there will be a little bit of fixing to do, but your content shouldn’t at this point be affected.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, how about you do a backup of your project… (Preferably zipped.) Either via Scrivener File / Backup, or manually by zipping a copy of your project (in file explorer) so that whatever may happen you have a restore point. (I strongly recommend you do that now if not done already.)

Okay, I think my connection dropped out. Now I’m connected I can open the project and back it up so at least it’s safe.

Primarily concerned about footnotes because if I have to cut and paste back from the last compile it will be a lot of work to reinstate them.

I can’t copy and past the error, as its stopped appearing.

It said could not load comments file. And suggested I back up, make a copy of the project elsewhere, and then delete the file. I think it’s just one stand alone comment? If so that’s fine, I can repair one comment.

Your project is synced via a cloud account ?

If so and sync did not complete, or if your files are not set to be available offline, that may very well be the issue you had.

I never use sync via the internet so I won’t get into that, someone else who knows this stuff likely will but, in the meantime, I kind of understand in between the lines that you don’t backup much. (?) If so, do yourself a favor and set yourself up a solid backup routine. (I don’t mean to sound condescending (hopefully I don’t), but I am sure you can picture how important this actually is.)

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Are your footnotes visible in your project as of now ?

I do back up, but Scrivener would not open at all, which meant I couldn’t access it as a .scriv file. I also compile and save the project as a word doc periodically because I have zero trust, but dread the idea of restoring from a word document. I’ve only just started using a desktop computer, so using the cloud to switch between devices but keep the project current.

I can see the footnotes in the project except this one that was in the error. I’ll rewrite that one.