Footnote Compile to ePub keeps removing Italics?!?!?

Help help help help Scrivener 3 for Windows. I am Compiling an eBook to epub3 (or epub2, doesn’t matter, problem is same in either case).

Non-fiction book, lots of footnotes/endnotes. In the Editor, the footnote is properly formatted, which means titles are in italics. When I compile to an epub3, using the Ebook settings (or duplicating and creating my own, doesn’t matter)… all the italics are removed from the footnote.

I can change the Style of Footnote to something I create (or any pre-defined style, Body, Block Note, Heading, doesn’t matter) or I can use the existing Base Text Formatting, but no matter what I do, the italics are removed. (If I used Bold, or some other formatting, that gets stripped out, too, not that you’d use Bold in a footnote).

What is overriding my footnote text style to remove the italics? Or is there a CSS code I can customize that would override that override?

((I had to spend a full week learning how the Scrivener 3 settings worked just to get the titles and body text to work correctly, and have to use Scriv 3, since Scrivener 1.9 doesn’t format body quotes properly in eBooks, so I’m at my wit’s end to find yet something else that inexplicably doesn’t work for any obvious reason)).

Did you ever find a resolution to this issue? I’m also having all my italics stripped out. I’m using the default Ebook format and epub v3 that comes with Scrivener.
I would’ve thought preserving formatting from the source document would be default standard, but all threads I’m finding say you have to go in and tweak settings just to get italics to convert/translate properly. Regardless none of the suggestions I’ve found so far have worked.
Here’s hoping you found a solution.
Thank you,