Footnote display size

I may have missed this, but I have searched the forum, help, and puttered without success.
Though I want my footnotes to print at 10 point, aging eyes require them to appear in the display in something like 14 point. Or alternatively, I’d be content if I could enlarge the display text (eg 150%) as I can with the various editing windows. Can I do that? It seems I can compel the notes to appear in their final printing size, but there seems to be no setting for the display. Or, as I say, I’ve missed it.

I’d be grateful for help, or, if it’s not doable, I think it is something your, ugh, demographic, might find useful.

Thanks as always

Kevin (not “Keith”)

Hi Kevin,

You can set the font used for footnotes in the editor in the “Formatting” pane of the Preferences (note that this will not change existing footnotes, only newly-created ones, but if you are talking about the footnotes in the inspector you can select them all, ctrl-click on them and select “Convert to Default Formatting” to change them).

You can then override the footnote font during compile via the “Footnotes & Comments” pane of the Compile sheet.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks Keith, as always. I’ll offer a wish-list request: to be able to zoom the comment/footnote/whatever panel the way one can with the other panel(s).

That would be non-trivial and is not on the list, sorry - but choosing a bigger font and changing it on export should work fine.

All the best,

I understand. And thanks for your reply.

Thank you :slight_smile:
I’ve found this thread just the minute before sending a question about this very problem.

I’m translating an almost 300 pag. history book and it’s plenty of footnotes, as a good investigation book needs to be :slight_smile: , but working all those footnotes in size 8 in my ancient-but-still-working 14" iBook G4 was a little painful, to say the least.

When every single footnote is done (translated or keep as it was), I’ll revert the process, put footnote from default size from 14 (yes, I’m almost blind :laughing: ) to Courier 10 and ‘ta-daaa’, ready ship to my proof reader.

Scrivener saves my bacon once again. My eyes, at least.

You don’t even have to bother with the reversion, since you can adjust your compile settings to output footnotes in Courier 10 and produce a draft ready to ship to your reader without having to mess up your work area. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: