Footnote Epub Mobi Validation Fragment error

I am compiling a short work to self-publish that has Footnotes in the text set up to output as Endnotes to an Epub and Mobi version. When validating, I am getting error messages which are related to the footnotes. All the footnotes are returning an error in the Epub as “Fragment identifier is not identified” and referencing OPS/footnote.xhtml. When validating the mobi files, the error message is “…OPS\body8.xhtml# blah blah Hyperlink not resolved.”

I don’t know how read html code. I set the footnotes up automatically in Scrivener and thought they were supposed to port over into these e-book versions without being touched by the user. These errors are showing up even for benign footnotes that just say “Ibid” so I think it has something to do with the footnote linking structure itself. Several solutions from previous (older) posts suggest running it through other epublishing programs like ingramspark or calibre but isn’t that what Scrivener is supposed to bypass?

How do I diagnose and solve this?

All suggestions greatly appreciated.