Footnote font size

I’m sure this is very simple and Im just being dim, so apologies for that. I’m looking for a way to increase the default font size of footnotes in the inspector (if it also increased the comment font size that would be a bonus).

I have searched, but most problems other folks have with footnotes and fonts seem to be at the compile stage, whereas I just need to make it bigger!

Im petrified of getting a retina mac and all I’ll see when I type footnotes will be …,…,…

Thanks for any help!


You may try right clicking on the comments/footnotes area to increase the zoom level.

You might be pleasantly surprised by Retina displays, part of that technology is how text is rendered more true to its print size, and of course with the higher pixel density, part of the appeal is that fonts that look good coming out of a printer can also look good on a screen as the tiny details of them do not fuzz together. So even if 10pt fonts on Retina were as small as they are on older screens their legibility would be significantly higher at that same size—but like I say, they will tend to be larger.

But, for now, try right-clicking anywhere in the Footnotes & Comments inspector pane and adjusting the zoom setting manually. You can also couple the display setting to the main editor.