Footnote format after compile to rtf and opening wth Word 20

Hm… I don’t know where I’m going wrong, and it is not a biggy, but I’d like to understand this problem and maybe safe some time when compiling a draft copy:
I use inspector comments and footnotes. The default formatting for footnotes i is set as Verdana 12, for comments it is Verdana cursive. They all look fine to me. I selected (cmd+A) all the inspector stuff and told it to convert to default formatting. Still looking fine. My compile settings basically say to change everything to Times New Roman (I just like Verdana for readability on screen).
After compile to rtf and opening with word, MOST footnotes are ok, single spaced, and times new roman. Some long ones, however, suddenly turn out double spaced. Others just kept a different font (can’t open Word right now to check, but it seems to be either Verdana or Helvetica or something similar). Now, since I “told” them to “convert to default formatting” before compile, shouldn’t they all come out the same (messed up or fine)?

The first thing I would do is look at the Compile -> Contents pane and see if you have any stray “Compile As-Is” boxes checked. Files with “As-Is” set will ignore any other formatting you do during the Compile.

The second thing I would do is try exporting to .DOC format and see if the problem happens there as well. RTF is usually a better choice, but sometimes having two views of the same file is helpful.