Footnote formatting getting lost in Compile to MS Word


Help! I love Scrivener (using 2.5 on Mac running OS 10.7.5), but have suddenly been having problems with the compile function. Sometime in the last two weeks, it went from being able to compile selections into an MS Word .docX file with the footnotes intact, to moving the contents of the footnotes into the body text, without numbering, without division, etc. In fact, it seems like ALL the formatting has been stripped out. (I’ve added a screenshot below with ‘Footnote starts here’ to note where the text that should be in a footnote begins.)

Experimenting I attempted exporting instead into a .doc file, which yielded a still weirder format: now the formatting of paragraphs, etc., are back, along with the content of the footnotes are separated from the text, and numbered, but the corresponding in-text FN number has not appeared. (Further screenshot below.)

Anyone know what’s happening? I haven’t fiddled with the compile settings as far as I know. (Screenshot below.)

I’d love some help here, as I’m dealing with a document that’s about 30,000 words without footnotes, and 50,000 with them; having to make new footnotes in Word would be incredibly tedious, and reason to no longer work in Scrivener.


Interestingly, when it exports to PDF, the footnotes are separated, and numbered in-text, but have been turned into endnotes.

EDIT: When I cut and paste from Scrivener to a .docx file, the in-text footnote numbering is lost, although the footnotes now appear separate at bottom.

Figured it out. I had to re-check ‘Remove inspector comments’ and ‘remove inline annotations’. I’m not sure how that happened.