Footnote formatting problem

Hi there

I’m using Chicago 15 notes/bibliography style and so using footnotes in scrivener. I’ve got the whole document compiling beautifully but I can’t get the footnote numbering to recognise the default font. Whatever I do, it still spits out the footnote numbers in Helvetica while formatting the actual footnote in Times New Roman.

I’ve changed every single font choice I can find to Times New Roman but haven’t yet found something that will make the numbering for footnotes follow suit.

My workflow is Scrivener --> Word --> Sente scan. The Helvetica numbering is making sente spit all the footnotes out in helvetica after scanning (and the bibliography tag too). Looking at Sente forums it seems sente doesn’t do any formatting so it’s either scrivener or something in word. I’ve tried the doc as word and RTF with the same result.

While I feel like I know compiling in scrivener a lot better now after spending several hours on this, it would be great if someone could help out :slight_smile: Is there some button i’m missing or some setting i’m just not getting right?


I knew if i posted a question here I would find it in the forums minutes afterwards. :laughing:

Same problem in the above post with a simple fix in Word. It is strange behaviour though - do you think it is some Word default? It’s not my program of choice (yay for scrivener!) so I don’t plumb the horrible depths of its formatting choices and templates.