Footnote Formatting


I am having an issue where my footnotes are taking on the characteristics of the text before it. For example if I add a footnote to some text that is centered, it ends up centering the text in the list of footnotes when compiled as an ePub, or if the text before the footnote is bold, it ends up being bold in the list, and so on and so forth.

Could someone please guide me on how not to make this happen?

I’m also having an issue where when two footnotes are side by side, they appear as different sized fonts, like this: 31 [size=75]32[/size]. Help with this would be appreciated, too!


First, check and make sure you are running the latest version (2.5). There were some bugs in this area that have been cleaned up. If you’re up to date, what settings are you using in the Footnotes & Comments compile option pane? A screenshot would suffice.