Footnote & Heading troubles

Hi everyone,

I’m using Scrivener (latest version) to write an academic project but I’m having some trouble with a few things.

Firstly, all my footnotes seem to be endnotes in disguise, and are put at the end of the text regardless of which option I select. This happens on both compiling for print and pdf. While it isn’t a major disaster, it would save everyone plenty of time and effort to avoid having to flick back and forth when checking and reading.

Secondly, I’ve set it to place my project title at the top of each page. This it does, but the title is too long to fit, and so is just cut off after the first line. Is there a way of either allowing it to go along two lines or making the text size smaller to allow the whole thing to fit?

Thanks all

If you wish to use footnotes in your output, see the Print Settings compile option pane. Proofing mode will layout footnotes at the bottom of the page, but doesn’t support as many publishing conventions. In general though, you don’t want to use Scrivener for your final output if you can help it. It’s a draft tool and the typical route—especially for academic work—is to produce a good quality draft that can be taken into a word processor for final page layout. But for basic proofing, the built-in PDF generator is quite good.

You’ll want to check with your style guidelines for that. It may call for an abbreviated title in the header, rather than changing the font or introducing multiple lines. But the font setting is right below the header/footer set up area. Just about an inch below where you added the project name tag you should see a couple of font selection tools. To insert a carriage return into a header field (and this is a general Mac tip for inserting tabs and carriage returns into fields, such as Find), hold down the Option key when tapping the Return or Tab key.

Thanks very much – footnotes come out just as I wanted under ‘proofing’ mode, so there shouldn’t be any need to move it unless a teacher asks me to.