Footnote Icon confusion

Hello, I’ve just purchased Scrivener for Mac and going through the tutorial. I added the Footnote icon to the toolbar via customize toolbar and it appeared next to the Comment icon, however, it’s not working. +Fn is working but if I put the cursor in a word or at the end of the word and then click the Footnote Icon… nothing happens. However, if I highlight a word and click the Footnote icon it creates a grey background with a rounded corner border (different from the +fn squared greyed-out background with no border) and no footnote box in Inspector to edit in… Am I missing something here? Any help here would be great.

Possibly, yes, you’re missing something. :wink: I’m always finding new or else rediscovering old Scrivener capabilities.

In this case, there are two kinds of footnotes: Inline footnotes (which just use your highlighted text as the footnote content) and Inspector footnotes (which, when you add one, opens a box in the Inspector column for you to enter the text of the footnote.)

Most likely you put the wrong footnote icon into your toolbar (easy to do; they both have the same caption.) For the behaviour you prefer, you want the Inspector footnotes icon, which looks like a little comic book speech balloon (as opposed to the Inline footnotes icon, which is a simple rectangle.)

Hope this helps!

Thank you kindly Silverdragon! That’s wonderful. This is my first deep foray into software (normally fall asleep)… first post on a forum hoping for answer too. Have to say enjoying discovering Scrivener… anything to keep me from actually writing… marvellous :smiley: