Footnote Import from Word/RTF

I had a look through to see if someone had asked this before, but it didn’t spring out to me. Apologies if I just didn’t find it.

I’m trying to import a document into scrivener (which I can then split up into sections etc). Doesn’t matter whether this needs to be an RTF file or Word, but I absolutely need footnotes to import. It doesn’t seem to work at the moment (with all the footnote text just bunching up at the end of the imported file.

Is there a way round this? Or do I have to import footnotes manually? Will be a long job if so, since this is a PhD thesis. Appreciate any answers/comments you may have.


Footnotes will import fine - or at least they should - from an RTF file; they won’t come through as true footnotes from a .doc or .docx file though. How did you create the RTF file? You need to use Save As in Microsoft Word to generate the RTF file so that it can be read properly by Scriv.

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Ok thanks. I created the RTF file by exporting from Pages, but I guess I should save as RTF from a word copy of the pages file and then it should import. Trying now.

This works fine now. Thanks for your help. Saves me a lot of manual work!

Ah, yes, that will be the problem. Unfortunately there’s a Catch 22 situation with Pages - Pages supports .doc and .docx very well, but its RTF import and export is limited and doesn’t support footnotes and suchlike. Conversely, Scrivener’s RTF support is solid and supports footnotes, images and so on, but its .doc and .docx support is limited (they rely on the standard OS X TextEdit ones and I don’t have the resources to write my own unfortunately). If Apple would improve the RTF support in Pages it would make it much easier to go between that and other non-Word problems, and as RTF is fairly straightforward it wouldn’t take them too much work - so if you fancy suggesting it to them, that would be great. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, other than Word, OpenOffice, Nisus Writer and Mellel, among others, all support RTF fine, but it sounds as though you have Word anyway so, as you have discovered, the workaround for now is to save from Pages as .doc or .docx, and then open that in Word and save from word as RTF for Scrivener. It’s a bit of a pain, but unfortunately it’s the only way for Pages at the moment.

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