Footnote indicators?

This is probably explained in the Scrivener user guide, but I’m not seeing it. When I highlight some text, then do Format > Footnote, the footnote indicator sometimes appears as a solid rectangle, other times as an outlined rectangle. See example. Is there some meaning to this? Thx … er%205.png

Do you have your footnotes customised to have a golden appearance instead of grey? If so that’s fine, just wanted to make sure you were not accidentally using comments.

As to the display variation, background highlights will take priority over any footnote adornment, so if the text has a white highlight applied to it for whatever reason, that would be an expected look. You might have accidentally pasted in some white background from another source at one point—it’s usually nothing to worry about since many programs even ignore that colour. If you change your editor’s text background to off-white it should help you find them.

One possible explanation: if you’re using 10.12.1 and Scrivener 2.8 then it could be a display bug that existed in that version of macOS. Apple has since fixed the bug in 10.12.2, and we also applied a patch in 2.8.1 that worked around this bug—it caused all text following a highlight to be rendered with a visible white background.

A side note: if you don’t like using the text highlight capability of this feature to mark the relevant words being annotated, you might prefer the option in Project/Text Preferences…, Use footnote marker. It just strikes me that highlighting one single small punctuation mark must be a bit awkward in practice. Whatever you wish though! It’s a flexible tool for a reason. :slight_smile: