Footnote issue

In Scrivener, I have the below text formatted as “Inline footnote.” All the text is highlighted as ONE entry.

“Abstraction Fund: Financial Records” Conservative Transparency (web), … it=#grants.

When I compile into Microsoft Word it formats as TWO footnotes, as shown below:

  1. “Abstraction Fund: Financial Records” Conservative Transparency (web),

  2. … it=#grants.

In other cases, it becomes THREE footnotes with some just blank entries or others just the final “.”

I have tried retyping the entry, removing all punctuation and reinserting and other combos with no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like there’s a problem with it being a hyperlink. If you right-click the link in the footnote and choose “Remove link”, it will compile correctly. Given that the link is getting stripped from the footnote during compile anyway, this doesn’t really change the end result other than correcting it so that it’s all contained in a single footnote.

Alternatively, you can put the whole thing in an inspector footnote rather than an inline note, and that will compile correctly as a single note and retain the hyperlink.

Thanks for catching this; I’ll make sure it’s on the bug list.

Appreciate it.