Footnote Issues Compiling to DOCX (3.3.6 for MacOS)

Hello. I am having trouble compiling to DOCX with footnotes. Specifically, Scrivener is forcing everything to be endnotes. The two “export…as footnotes” boxes are unchecked. I noticed in the format editor that for DOC and DOCX, it will not let me see the settings for footnotes; instead it says “Footnotes become flattened to endnotes for compatibility.”

I saw some previous posts where it was suggested to compile to RTF first, then into Word, but I receive the same error when looking at the footnote settings for RTF, and a similar error for RTFD: “Footnotes become endnotes when compiled to this file format.”

I am an academic author and have written two books with Scrivener – both with footnotes – and have never encountered this issue before. I would be grateful for any guidance or wisdom the group could offer. Many thanks!

If only I had been a little more patient before posting. I figured this out. In the format editor, on the “compatibility” tab, there is an option that specifically says “Flatten footnotes and comments into regular text.” Uncheck that and problem solved!

Hope this helps others that may encounter the same issue.

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