Footnote justification?

I’m having a difficult time figuring out how to change the justification on footnotes. I cut & pasted some body text (which is full justified) to a footnote (where I prefer left for ease of reading in the Scrivener UI) and it retained the full justification. The option to change justification is greyed out (which is odd, considering how much else is available). Thoughts?

Since the aim of Scrivener is to be a drafting tool, not a full page layout tool, and since what you see on screen is fundamentally cosmetic in that you can compile using totally different fonts, sizes, etc., and also since it is a drafting tool, the normal expectation is that you would then open the compiled document in your word-processor of choice to finalise the layout, including justification, callouts, paragraph styles, etc. — given all that, how important is it to have your footnotes non-justified in the drafting stage.

As far as I can see, the footnotes in Scrivener will always have the same justification as the main text; remember you can convert readily between inspector footnotes and inline footnotes — a feature that I have found very useful personally — and having a different justification for notes, I would imagine, would make that very much more complex.

Mr X

OK, thanks. And yes, this is a purely cosmetic, UI issue.