Footnote keyboard shortcuts?


I’m a fairly new Scrivener user, working on a document with massive footnotes. Are there any keyboard shortcuts that might allow one to:

  • Insert a footnote in the main text
  • Toggle over to the footnote box
  • Toggle back to the main text

Thank you!

I answered my own question. Posting in case someone else was wondering…

Create footnote: CTL + CMD + 8 (it also puts the cursor in the footnote field)

Go back to main text : ESC

HELP! Suddenly the shortcut I posted earlier spontaneously stopped working.

Now when I use Control + Command + 8 it toggles between Scriptwriting Mode and Standard Text Mode.

Function + Command + 8 also toggles between Scriptwriting Mode and Standard Text Mode.

Could I have inadvertently reprogrammed the Control key to operate as the Function key?

Cmd–8 is the shortcut for toggling between standard and scriptwriting mode, so it’s more likely the Ctrl key on your keyboard isn’t triggering reliably. Fn modify anything about the Cmd–8 shortcut, but besides there is no way to inadvertently remap Ctrl to Fn. You can remap modifier keys though in the System Preference keyboard panel. Fn is not considered a modifier key by the OS though.