footnote marker font

I’m having a bit of difficulty with the font of my footnote markers, i.e., the numbers, in both the main text and in the footnotes themselves after compile, although two different issues.

In the main text, footnote markers seem to inherit text formatting and font from the preceding element. So if I have an italicised bit of text and affix a footnote to it, then the marker is italicised. This is not ideal.

Secondly, in the footnotes themselves, the footnote marker comes out as Helvetica, irrespective of what font I am using in the text. Applying a footnote-specific font override does not fix this, however if I apply a font override to the entire document to the font I am using, then footnote marker fonts come out correct.

Short from applying a project-comprehensive font override, is there somewhere I can force the font of footnote markers? And can I fix the formatting of them in the text somehow?

While I get the same result you do, with the marker using the base-text formatting, I’m not seeing why this should be any different. If I create a footnote in Word off of an italic word, the marker will be italic as well. I see different results depending upon the word processor basically. Is there a standard for this (I am asking out of sheer ignorance here)?

As to the Helvetica problem, I can’t reproduce that one myself. The markers, both in the base-text and at the bottom of the page, use the main text font family. So if I’m using Adobe Garamond Pro, both markers will be rendered using that. The footnote font override in the compile pane specifically only changes the footnote text (so you needn’t bother with formatting them precisely in the sidebar, or when typing inline).

I’m not sure whether there’s a standard protocol for formatting of footnote markers, but aesthetically I’d like them to at least be the same as the footnotes themselves.

Oh well, not a huge issue.

And as for the font thing, I’m still completely mystified by it, but I can deal with it.