Footnote no endnote

Dear all,
I’m a new user of Scrivener (trial version).
I imported a document (word) and it has many footnotes.
I would like to compile it as docx but when I do it, all my footnotes become endnotes.
What should I do to change that?
Thanks a lot!

What I would do is open the docx in Word and convert all the endnotes to footnotes. It will take about ten seconds, I should think.



As I said in the PM you sent me, Scrivener’s .docx export doesn’t support “true” footnotes (because it uses Apple’s standard .docx converters, the same as used in TextEdit). Therefore, you should export to RTF instead, and open the RTF file in Word (note that you should go to File > Open… in Word to open the RTF file - double-clicking on an RTF file in the Finder will open it in TextEdit by default, which won’t show the footnotes).

Or, you can try downloading the latest beta here:

This includes improved .docx exporters (provided you install Java) which fully support end-of-page footnotes.

All the best,