Footnote number restarts after page break

“Footnote number restarts after page break” — except when it doesn’t! I have this option selected as I compile, but it doesn’t seem to be working in my case. I have one document (a “section”, for what it’s worth) and it has a number of footnotes. I’m exporting this document to PDF. I’d like the footnotes to restart numbering on each page (in total 4 pages), but even when I have this option selected, the numbering continues from 1-22 over the entire 4 page document. Am I misinterpreting “page break” in some way? Any suggestions on how to restart footnote numbering on each page of my document would be helpful. Thanks!

In this context, a page break, in the formal sense of the word, is a special command that forces the usage of a new sheet of paper even if the current one isn’t full yet. This is of course what you would insert before new chapters, parts, and other large sections. So in other words, this setting keeps separate numbering streams for each major section, like a chapter.

You would need to use a different program to print the document or create the PDF, to have numbering restart for each literal sheet of paper. Scrivener does have a setting for that (see RTF, etc.), but it itself is not capable of printing footnotes that way.

Thanks for the helpful response. That clears everything up for me.