Footnote numbering during compile

As far as I know, footnote numbering during compile can be continuous or by page.

But I have a document which consists of three chapters, and I want the footnotes to be numbered by chapter, and not continuously or by page. Is this possible? And if yes, how do I do this? I don’t find this explained in the manual.

We don’t have support for that particular arrangement (I don’t believe there is an RTF code for it, from what I’ve seen it appears to be a convention in stylesheet usage, that differs depending on the WP no doubt, to define what a chapter break is as opposed to any other type of break), so it’s something you’ll need to set up in a word processor after compilation.

Thanks Amber, that’s what I already feared.

It’s true of course that this can be done in a word processor, but perhaps it would be a convenient feature in Scrivener too. So it might be taken into consideration for a future version.