Footnote numbering in LO

I have found that when I have footnote numbering set to number cumulatively, and compile for LibreOffice, the footnote numbers restart for each page. If I compile for Microsoft Word (docx), even if I open in LO, the numbering is correct. Is there any workaround that would allow compiling for ODT format yet still get footnote numbers that are global to the document? Or is this just a flaw in LibreOffice that I should report there?

Thanks, I seem to be getting the same result when using the improved ODT converters, too. Without the improved converters, this option is not even provided so it is irrelevant. Just so you know, what Scrivener does is create an RTF internally, and then it sends that RTF file to the Aspose document converter engine, which then is wholly responsible for making an ODT file out of that. So that makes this problem potentially challenging to fix, if the source of the error is anywhere in between Scrivener sending an RTF and getting an ODT file back. Hopefully it is just an oversight in the compiler and that isn’t getting set into the intermediary RTF. That would make it an easy fix. If the problem is that we are doing everything correctly, but get an incorrect ODT out of it, then we really have no way of fixing this directly—but we would like to submit a bug report to Aspose if they claim this as working.

If it is an easy fix, then you should see it appear in the next version of Scrivener. Otherwise you might see this option go away, unfortunately. Or third possibility, we’re both missing something obvious and Keith will let us know when he gets back from his trip. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the confirmation and the info. At least I can get cumulative footnote numbers by compiling for docx for now. I’m not sure if I give up anything doing that, but would love to remove Word from my workflow (which I still might, as LO does open docx files). I haven’t tried compiling for rtf and opening that in LO. Lots of options to try.