Footnote numbers bump the entire line of text down

When exporting my project to PDF, the footnote numbers are slightly above the word in the sentence line, so it results in the entire sentence being Slightly pushed down from the rest, so the gap between that sentence and the rest in the paragraph is larger, which doesn’t look very nice.

Is there an easy solution for this?
Thank you!


Does my issue’s explanation make sense?
It causes the entire sentence’s line spacing to be altered for JUST that line with the footnote in that paragraph.
Basically, the tiny footnote number in the sentence of my text itself is too high above the word causing this.


This problem is down to the comparative unsophistication of the Apple Text Engine, which, for superscript, basically uses upward baseline shift without altering font size or substituting superscripted glyphs if the font has them. It looks ugly in the editor but I always compile to RTF and sort out such things in Nisus Writer Pro as part of my ‘clean-up’ macro. Presumably, if you compile directly to PDF it is using the text engine defaults.

How would I deal with it? I edit in 11pt text, so I would make a character style which was set to 9 points with 2 points upward baseline shift; I’d call it “upscript”, give it a shortcut, probably Ctrl-U if that’s not already assigned and use that instead of superscript. Basically, make the combination of fontsize+baseline-shift the same as regular fontsize and the extra vertical space on the line will not appear.

In fact, I thank you for bringing this up, because I have realised that there are places where I can use that myself, where I want superscript but which my macro will not touch.



Excellent, thank you! However, I’m not clear on what steps you’re advising to get rid of this issue? Do I need to manually add that font to every single footnote number in the text manually? Or? Cuz I’m using styles for the entire book, so I do’t think you can mix & match them.
Thank you

Sorry, but I’m up against a 2 day deadline, and this is my last obstacle to publishing.
If someone could help me solve this, I’d GREATLY appreciate it!

Sorry about your deadline … like most of us here, I’m just a user, not a member of the team, and have other things I need to do.

I’ve been thinking about your problem though, and I’m not sure my solution will deal with it as you are referring to footnote numbering. I don’t have the time to play around, and I’ve never compiled to PDF. As I said, I always compile to RTF, which opens in Nisus Writer Pro, where I have a macro and style-sheet that sorts these things out for me.

Given your deadline, I would compile to DOCX and open it in Word or Pages, where you must be able to make the changes easily and quickly and then print to PDF from there. If you happen to have NWP—which I heartily recommend—then compile to RTF as that is NWP’s native format, just as it’s Scriveners.

Sorry I can’t help further at this moment.



So I figured it out! It was the pargraph’s line spacing being set too flexible. I set it to strict 15 and now it’s good!

So glad I got this :slight_smile: thank you for the help!