Footnote preview box rapidly disappears and reappears if box too big

I have one Inspector footnote that has quite a bit of text. When I hover my mouse over the footnote in the Editor, the box previewing the content of the footnote rapidly disappears and reappears because the preview box is too tall to display in the space between the top of my screen and my mouse (which is in the middle of the screen). If, however, I scroll the Editor down so that the footnote in question is at the very bottom of my screen and then I hover over the footnote, the preview box appears as normal (because there is much more screen space above where my mouse is positioned)

It seems like the preview box should still appear in the first scenario where the mouse is positioned in the middle of the screen. I would suggest that the preview box be automatically lowered as much as necessary to display the box and that it obviously not appear and disappear rapidly. Thank you!

Thanks. This should be fixed in the next version.