Footnote problems in 3.0

SUN APR 19, 2020 9:07 AM POST

Recently migrated to 3.0 (probably a mistake in the middle of a project). Anyway, had never used compile, so decided to compile just one document to see how the process works. My footnotes did not compile into footnotes. The numbers for most were at the bottom of the page as they should have been, but there was no content IOW, it never pulled it out of the paragraph and put it down in the footnote. This is my first compile, and I did it to test the process, but I need this to work when I am ready to compile the whole book. (approximately 500 pages).

Any ideas? Something I did wrong? A bug? If so, any ideas when it will be fixed?


Hi RevMoose,

Are these inline footnotes (text is right in the editor) or inspector footnotes (text is in the inspector)?

When compiling what are the options that you see when you click on the gear icon in the right pane?

See if any of the following are checked:

Remove Footnotes
Export inspector footnotes as endnotes
Export inline footnotes as endnotes


Hi, I’m having this same problem, with both Inspector and inline footnotes, and Inspector comments and inline annotations. All the Compile options listed in the previous post are available but unchecked. Export to .rtf and .docx yield the same results: Inspector footnotes and comments, and inline annotations don’t register, and inline footnotes appear as normal text inline with other text.

I discovered the problem when trying to set-up footnoting with Zotero. I’ve attached the project file with the problem.

I’m running the latest beta and Windows Home 10 v1903, OS Build 18362.900.
possible_bug_compiling_footnotes_and_comments.scriv.rar (54.6 KB)