Footnote question

So, following your kind encouragement, I’ve taken the plunge, become a true Scrivener-phile, and started writing …

As several of you suggested I practise compiling and editing as I go along, that’s what I’ve just done - and come across some issues which I am sure are easily solvable, but I wondered if anyone had some good ideas.

I did what KB said (I think) and compiled for export as RTF (there were several options - perhaps I should have chosen print?)

I then used ‘open with’ and opened in Word, where, sure enough, my footnotes were in evidence. BUT - their formatting was all weird and funny - some bold, some not, varying fonts. :confused: Also, when I chose ‘view-header and footer’ in Word to ‘modify style’ (that’s my usual way in Word of getting my footnotes formatted as I want them consistently) the imported footnotes weren’t part of the footer. That may not matter?

Lastly, the doc had my working title as a kind of header in the top right hand corner, which I won’t want in the long run I don’t think.

I am SURE that what I should do is go back to the tutorial and re do it all - this is a cheat’s (lazy) way of maybe finding what I need to know, at the same time as seeking reassurance and the friendly support of this forum. Do tell me to take a running jump and do the tutorial again before I seek help, if that is what protocol dictates I should do, I wouldn’t mind at all! :slight_smile:

Best wishes to all

Well, going through the tutorial never hurts… :smiley:

Compile to RTF is the way to go if your ultimate destination is Word.

Footnotes in Word do not go in the footer by default, but in their own space at the bottom of the page. The footer is reserved for page numbers and that sort of thing. You can, however, see all of them at once using Word’s View->Footnotes command. To reassure yourself that they’re in the right place, use Word’s Print Layout view.

The odd formatting is a little surprising. The most likely cause is that the formats are different within the Scrivener project. It’s also possible that you changed the formatting at compile time using the Compile->Footnotes/Comments pane. I haven’t personally tried it, but suspect that this pane combined with the “As-Is” checkbox in Compile -> Contents could produce unusual results.

To change the header and footer in the compiled document, see Compile -> Page Settings.

Now shoo! Go look at the tutorial! :smiley:


Katharine, you are a star - and I am now indeed shooing … tutorial here I come!

Thanks so much

Glad I was able to sort that out for you. Happy Scrivening!